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Zhongshan Sanmu  Technology Co.,  Ltd.  was established on
October  14, 2019

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Zhongshan Sanmu
Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Sanmu Technology Co., Ltd. was established on October 14, 2019. The company is located in Stanzhou Town, Zhongshan, known as the Back Garden of Zhuhai. The company adheres to the concept of "integrity casts quality and quality wins the market", focusing on silicone products for OA industry and R & D and production of PI products.......

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We have sophisticated equipment

  • The A / B liquid silica gel is evenly mixed by the glue injection machine, and then injected into the corresponding product mold. Continuous vulcanization molding.    This equipment can produce: Fixing conductive and non-conductive rubber rollers
  • Extruded vertically, rapid prototyping by high temperature furnace. This equipment is a production line imported from Japan.    The equipment can produce: silicone gaskets, silicone conductive wheels, silicone custom products.
  • The medium is used as the heat conductor, and the corresponding foamed products are produced through continuous vulcanization and foaming processes. This equipment is a production line imported from Japan. Adopting Japan's advanced foaming process, the product has a small pressure change and high resilience. The equipment can produce: sponge holsters, foam gaskets, foam silicone fixed products.

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